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GIS & CAD Services


GIS Data/Analysis Services


Scanning of Paper Maps

Data Conversion/Digitization

Contour Mapping

Parcel/Property Mapping

Data Cleaning

Data Migration and Maintenance

Data Updates

Data Crunching

Data Re-alignment

3D Terrain Models

3D Mapping

Attribute Database Generation

Upgrading Data to GIS Formats

Mass Data Entry




CADD Services


Architectural Building Plans

Electrical & Plumbing Plans

Interior Design Plans

3D Building Plans

2D and 3D Machine Drawings

Architectural walk-through with realistically dimensioned objects



GIS Application development


We undertake simple customization in leading GIS platforms for various purposes to development of large Enterprise-Level applications featuring design of High-Availability GIS Servers including design of large databases in leading platforms like Oracle.




Application Development Services


Design and Development of Enterprise-Level, High-Availability GIS Applications

Design and Development of Large Scale Web-GIS and Desktop Applications

Customization in all Leading GIS Platforms

Application Re-Platforming and Data Migration


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