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Our CAD software offer you more than a low-cost alternative to create or modify drawings in DWG. We keep innovating to improve your productivity release after release.


Top new features in ARES Commander 2016


ARES Touch for Android® (and iOS® soon)


New features for Android version – ARES Touch for iOS: end of Q2 2016


Acclaimed as the most complete CAD solution for smartphones and tablets, ARES Touch is the ideal companion to create, annotate or modify your DWG drawings on the go. You get ARES Touch for free¹ when you buy ARES Commander!


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Quick Input


Dynamic information and input boxes, right next to your cursor


Enter coordinates, angles and distances right next to your cursor. Quick Input also displays dynamic information about lengths, angles, prompts and options. The interaction with ARES Commander has never been so intuitive and fast.


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Annotation Scaling


Smart scaling of annotations on layout sheets and printouts


Annotative scaling adjusts the size and scale of your dimensions, texts, hatches and blocks to the scale of each viewport. Annotations are displayed with consistent and uniform sizes across all viewports in layouts sheets.


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Pattern Hatch


Improve your drawings with hatches using images or blocks – Windows® only²


Create hatches using patterns of images or blocks. Advanced options include scaling, spacing and rotation of the pattern of your choice. PatternHatch is one of the new XtraTools commands introduced with ARES Commander 2016.


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Curved Text


New text feature to draw texts along or inside arcs – Windows only²


Create curved text entities along an arc. Some options include text formatting, offset distance and choice between convex or concave sides of the arc. You will find the CurvedText command in the new XtraTools menu and tab.


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Drawing Tabs


Switch easily between open drawings


Drawing Tabs are now displayed at the top of the drawing window area. When flying your cursor over one tab you see a preview of the drawing and its different layouts to switch quickly to the desired view.


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DGN Import


Convert DGN files into DWG entities you can modify in ARES Commander


The ImportDGN command inserts content from DGN files (V7 or V8) as a block in your drawing. The .dgn format is popular among users of MicroStation® and some other CAD software. DGN import offers you a higher interoperability with other professionals.


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Head-up Display toolbar


Quick editing options available from a contextual toolbar


This new contextual toolbar appears next to your cursor when you select entities. Shortcuts include zoom to selection, change entity layer, change LineStyle or LineWidth, and the possibility to create a dimension or a block from the selection.


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LayerState Manager


Create and manage configurations of layers


The new LayerState Manager allows you to create and name different scenarios for your layers to easily switch between them. You may for example hide some layers and change their color to show different aspects of the same project.


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New selection methods


Quickly isolate or hide entities in your drawings – search and select entities sharing similar properties


SelectMatching allows you to find similar entities. IsolateEntities and HideEntities let you to show or hide parts of your drawing. IsolateLayers is also improved with new option to lock and fade the remaining layers.


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New utility tools for blocks


New XtraTools commands to manage blocks faster – Windows only²


ReplaceBlock and ReplaceBlockByReference help you substitute existing blocks by others. GetBlockInfo generates a report listing the number of occurrences of each block. Other commands help you to import or redefine block attributes.


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More XtraTools Commands


New power features to help you solve tedious tasks – Windows only


ARES Commander 2016 introduces a new group of productivity-driven commands. Besides PatternHatch and CurvedText or the utility tools for blocks some of these features include Break Lines, Convert a single line text into a multiline one, Make LineStyles by specifying entities , and a Lisp Explorer.


Dimension Location Snap


Improve the visual impact of your annotations


When activated, this new setting lets you define an incremental distance between successive dimension lines. Radius and diameter dimension lines are also placed at specified angle intervals. Your drawings look cleaner and better organized.


Improved OLE Support (Windows only)


Insert Excel tables or other elements linked with Microsoft® Office


The PasteSelected command provides a paste link option allowing you to use the features of Microsoft Office directly in your CAD drawing to edit the content with the OpenOLE command.


Command name completion


ARES Commander helps you find keyboard commands


Search for command names and system variables by entering the first letters in the command bar and pressing the Tab key for suggestions.


Multiline Block Attributes


Create block attributes with paragraphs of text


Block attributes creation and modification is enhanced in ARES Commander 2016. You can now create multiline texts as block attributes and use all the text formatting options available for multiline texts.


Improved Properties Palette


Properties groups can now be collapsed or expanded


The Properties Palette helps you to browse the properties of selected entities faster. Now you can collapse or expand properties groups which is in particular useful for some entity types that have many properties such as dimensions.


Export WMF


Export the current view to a .wmf file


The ExportWMF command allows you to export content to a .wmf file. The Windows MetaFile (WMF) format offers you higher interoperability to share with non-CAD Software.


Support for Picture Notes


Improved collaboration with ARES Touch


Picture Notes inserted in your drawings on your smartphone or tablet with ARES Touch are now displayed in ARES Commander. Picture Notes help you to annotate your drawings with photos and related comments.


ARES Touch and LicenseToGo will be working for the duration of your Graebert subscription. 12 months of Graebert subscription are included when you buy a new license or upgrade. When your subscription expires, you will be invited to renew it to continue receiving upgrades and email support but also keep using ARES Touch and LicenseToGo.

The new XtraTools commands are currently Windows-only because they were very recently developed with the COM API that is specific to Windows. They are also not translated and displayed in English only. Translations in the 13 other languages of ARES Commander will become available in the coming months with our Service Packs. Graebert is also actively working to provide these productivity-driven tools to its Mac® and Linux® users.

New features previously released in ARES Commander 2015


ARES Touch for Android


ARES Touch: The power of ARES Commander on Android tablets (and smartphones).


Discover the first .dwg-based full CAD software for Android tablets. Its user interface is both adapted for touch and intuitive for ARES users. Files are synchronized via Dropbox or Google Drive or shared by USB. You get ARES Touch for free* when you buy ARES Commander!




The new activation dialogs make it very easy to use your license from other computers.


Use your Product Key to activate your license on another computer, eventually under a different OS (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). You can work from any PC*! Your LicenseToGo will last for up to 5 days and you can renew it after on the same PC or another one.




Trim or extend entities faster than with any other CAD Software.


Trim multiple entities in once by moving your mouse around. Just describe a path with your mouse and ARES will trim while you move. If you use the shift key you do the same but with the Extend command.


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Draw and modify much faster by combining these frequently used commands.


Use only one command to perform and combine multiple actions on a same selection of entities: Move, Rotate, Scale and/or Copy without leaving the command.


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2D Constraints


Add intelligence to your drawings and capture the design intent to facilitate further modifications.


Powered by the CDS solver from Dassault Systèmes Spatial, this new set of features will help you to define relations between entities in terms of geometry (stay parallel, perpendicular, tangent) or dimensions (equal length, proportional, formula). When you will further modify one element the others will adapt following these constraints.


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Dynamic blocks editing


Dynamic blocks are smart blocks you can configure with options and grips.


Edit dynamic blocks inserted in a DWG drawing by other CAD software such as AutoCAD. You can use the grips to dynamically and interactively modify these “intelligent” blocks and eventually reinsert them in the drawing. Creation of new dynamic blocks is not supported yet.


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OnScreen Dimensions palette


Create or click on a dimension and you will see a contextual button to activate a new floating palette.


Editing dimensions has never been so quick and easy than with ARES Commander 2015! This new contextual palette helps you to edit them directly in the drawing: formatting, styles, tolerances, prefixes or suffixes and more. Modifications can also be saved and reused.


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Tables edition


Quickly edit tables right inside your drawings with a contextual toolbar.


Click inside a Table cell or launch the command EditTableCell and you will get a toolbar with all the options to insert, resize, merge or delete cells, rows and columns.


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In-place text editing


Click on any multiline text (Note) and you will see a new floating dialog for editing.


The Note command (MTEXT in AutoCAD) has been improved with a new contextual dialog to define advanced formatting like on a Word processor but directly in your .dwg drawing. The new Stack dialog helps you create fractions and tolerances in your text.


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More bonus tools


DiscardDuplicates and ExplodeBlockX help you fix your drawings.


DiscardDuplicates deletes duplicate entities and lets you define advanced settings to fine tune what should be ignored (similar to OVERKILL in AutoCAD). ExplodeBlockX explodes blocks or tables and converts attributes in text (similar to BURST in AutoCAD)


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Customize the Ribbon


Reorganize the User Interface to boost your productivity.


Customize the tabs and panels of the Ribbon to group the tools you need and like. You may also create your own workspaces in addition to the 2D and 3D ones we created for you. Still, one of the workspaces allows you to switch back to traditional menus and toolbars if you prefer.

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