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SOLIDWORKS® Professional gives you all the power of SOLIDWORKS Standard with additional capabilities that increase productivity, ensure accuracy, and help you communicate your design information more effectively.


SOLIDWORKS Professional includes libraries of standard parts and fasteners, tools to automatically estimate manufacturing costs and help convert imported geometry, and utilities that search designs for errors. Realistically render your designs with PhotoView 360 software and then share them with others using eDrawings® Professional. SOLIDWORKS Professional also gives you integrated file management tools that securely store all project information and track all design changes. Streamline your design process and increase design productivity with SOLIDWORKS Professional.


SOLIDWORKS Professional solutions include:

CAD LibrariesAdvanced Design for Manufacturing

Design for Cost (SOLIDWORKS Costing)Advanced CAD File Import

Productivity ToolsAdvanced Photorealistic Rendering (PhotoView 360)

CAD Standards CheckingSOLIDWORKS File Management

eDrawings® Professional

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