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Structural Design using STAAD.Pro V8i ( 2 months)


Chapter-1 -Introduction


About STAAD.Pro and Applications

Application in Industry vs University comparison

Traditional Structural Analysis vs. MODERN approach

By HAND Vs. By computer

Finite Element Method-Introduction

FEM Solutions

STAAD Module Orientation

Analysis capability and International Code support

3rd part integration support

GUI Quick overview

Model Generation Techniques

Command File editor info

Built-in info order

Finite Element modeling

Load types and Generation

Model Verifications

Analysis capability

Result verification and post processing

Design code-RCC and Steel

Report customization

Chapter-2 -Solving Method


Solving Approach

How to start STAAD.Pro V8i

Navigating STAAD.Pro V8i GUI

Configuration & Settings

Unit and Code configuration

Back Up Manager

Opening and Saving Projects

Archiving Projects

Overview of Structure

Status Bar detailsHierarchy Managing

Understand the different component of GUI

VIEW Controls

Exercises & Projects.

Chapter-3 -Geometry Operations



Importing CAD Files

Details About Grid systems in STAAD.

Types of Structure and Methods

Types of Element

Mode of Structure

Creating Geometry for Structure

How to create Beam /Column & Curved Beams

Structure Wizard

Structure Wizard Model and STAAD Transfer

Modifying Geometry for Structure Copy /Copy-Link/Rotate/Mirror etc)

Add Mid points

Add Perpendicular intersection beam

Cut Section

Stretch /Split BEAMS

Hot spots

Fill Plates

Different Viewing Controls for Structure Geometry

Exercises & Projects.

Chapter-4-Boundary Conditions & Properties


Properties of beam/column

Display properties


Steel profiles


Beam and column end offset + adv. options

Beta control

Use cursor to assign and selection

View assign

Types of support

Material Assignment

Material creation

Exercises & Projects.

Chapter-5 -Load Types


Load case

Defining Load case

Dead Load defining

Imposed Load defining (LIVE)

Point Load

UDL Load

Floor Load

Area Load

Wind Load –IS Code based

Seismic Load-IS Code based

Load combinations

Auto LOAD Combinations



Projects on Buckling

Exercises & Projects.



Analysis Outline



Post Processing

Local Coordinate System

Internal Hinge


User Customized

Inclined Support & Support Settlement

P-Delta Analysis

Bracing with Truss or Tension Members

Building with Flat Slab & Shear

Transfer Force for Connection Design

Exercises & Projects.

Chapter-7 -RCC Design & Analysis


RCC Design and Analysis

Loads and Repeat Load case for RCC

IS RCC Codes and STAAD.Pro

Exercises & Projects.

Chapter-8-Slab Design & Analysis


Slab Design and Analysis



Exercises & Projects.

Chapter-9 -Modal Analysis


What is Modal Frequency or fundamental Frequency

Necessary for conducting Modal Analysis

Parameters need to check after Analysis

Exercises & Projects.

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